The need for efficient, reliable and secure info-communication systems (ICT) is a necessary requirement for current business. Modern companies cannot do without local networks, Internet access, connection to branch offices, mobile devices and basic security measures. Advanced technologies offer more solutions for every environment but only the best one has to be chosen and integrated – harmonized with the existing components and infrastructure.    

The key factor in the network environment design is to synchronize the network architecture with the customer’s business requirements. The basic precondition for success is the analysis of requirements which allows for an ideal design of:

  • the communication infrastructure environment: fixed vs. wireless communications,
  • its capacity: network dimensioning, optimization of existing infrastructure, network development plan, management of network traffic.

This analysis will then result in the design of:

  • the network architecture: centralized vs. distributed solution, access to public networks, solutions for branch offices, mobile devices connection
  • basic security mechanisms: network access management, networks separation, network perimeter protection, virtual private networks, protected remote access     
  • or the support of other mechanisms: IP V6, environment virtualization, as well as value-added services: network monitoring, services and optimization for the SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) applications
  • network management, or the ICT infrastructure: basic SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) or CMIP (Common Management Information Protocol), or modern management according to current standards on the basis of the SOA principles.  

Only then it is possible to choose and implement a specific solution, which satisfies all requirements. Without this complex process, even the highest quality technologies may not result in a good solution because their goals may be different.

X-NET has an adequate professional base and many years of experience, which is necessary for designing and implementing ideal network environments. Independence on technology platforms in turn enables choice and implementation of an ideal technology for a specific network environment instead of a generalized promotion of a particular technology regardless of the appropriateness of its use.     

About us


The vision of our company since its foundation leads to the goal of being the company with the highest added value on the market.

By this we mean the ability to deliver a portfolio of services at the highest possible level, and to be the highest certified supplier of support for selected technologies. It is a long-term process, but even today, with technologies such as Juniper, Sophos or Huawei, we can talk about success, where it operates in the market, and as a unit in terms of competencies and knowledge.




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