Good quality monitoring of corporate network and the security infrastructure is as important as the construction of the infrastructure itself. Information on the state of the network and security components, network traffic, state of servers and applications, functionality of the connection with office branches, as well as state of environment security, along with an early warning in case of problems, is vital for the infrastructure management, regular reports are a good source for environment optimization and better return of investment in it. 

Monitoring can be performed by the customers themselves, or it can be ordered from a company providing monitoring and supervisory services. The key issue is, however, the expertise of the staff and its availability (24x7 monitoring is optimal). Ordering of monitoring services from a specialized company is mostly an optimal solution – from the perspective of expertise, as well as costs.

X-NET has been running a network and security monitoring centre for its customers for several years. Commonly, it provides monitoring of network and security infrastructure, while provision of customized solutions is a matter of course. Monitoring is performed on a 24x7x365 basis, and its character is proactive. Geographic location of customers is irrelevant. 

About us


The vision of our company since its foundation leads to the goal of being the company with the highest added value on the market.

By this we mean the ability to deliver a portfolio of services at the highest possible level, and to be the highest certified supplier of support for selected technologies. It is a long-term process, but even today, with technologies such as Juniper, Sophos or Huawei, we can talk about success, where it operates in the market, and as a unit in terms of competencies and knowledge.




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