Cloud computing as a model enabling a comfortable and flexible network access to computing resources represents a significant evolutionary step in provision of IT services, and basically it fulfils the long-time idea of IT as a service provider. The possibility of using practically unlimited computing capacity, or services on demand for a fraction of total costs, in comparison with the traditional IT model can be determined as revolutionary. 

The main advantages of cloud computing include:

  • cost effectiveness  – there is no need to purchase and maintain an expensive hardware, which enables the company a change from CapEx model to OpEx model.
  • traffic effectiveness  – since resources are ordered “on demand”, the onset time to market is substantially reduced, moreover, cloud provides practically unlimited scalability.
  • resource effectiveness – by minimization of the need for  IT infrastructure maintenance and management, an option for transferring resources (financial as well as human) into business activities is increasing .

Using cloud requires, comparing to the traditional IT model, certain changes in IT processes and a change of access to some areas, especially in the area of information security. 

About us


The vision of our company since its foundation leads to the goal of being the company with the highest added value on the market.

By this we mean the ability to deliver a portfolio of services at the highest possible level, and to be the highest certified supplier of support for selected technologies. It is a long-term process, but even today, with technologies such as Juniper, Sophos or Huawei, we can talk about success, where it operates in the market, and as a unit in terms of competencies and knowledge.




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