Company Profile

X-NET is a system integrator engaged in value-added info-communication solutions and complex services in the field of network and information assets security, including a broad portfolio of products supporting the individual solutions. The company also offers managed services, monitoring, cloud computing and complete outsourcing of IT infrastructure, services and processes.


X-NET, Ltd. was established in August 1995. Since its beginning, it has been shaped as a company of experts in the field of info-communication solutions, mainly in the field of data communications (internetworking) with a focus on the carrier environment of public data networks.
Along with the mass expansion of the Internet, the company portfolio expanded by covering Internet access solutions, corporate network and virtual private network security solutions and further by covering complex security solutions for information assets.
Right from the beginning, the given portfolio of solutions has also included related and value-added services, which have gradually become the core focus of the company.

In September 2006, we received a Quality Management Certificate according to ISO9001 standard and an Information Security Management Certificate according to ISO27001 standard in October 2008.
About us


The vision of our company since its foundation leads to the goal of being the company with the highest added value on the market.

By this we mean the ability to deliver a portfolio of services at the highest possible level, and to be the highest certified supplier of support for selected technologies. It is a long-term process, but even today, with technologies such as Juniper, Sophos or Huawei, we can talk about success, where it operates in the market, and as a unit in terms of competencies and knowledge.




ISO 9001 | ISO 27001